If you are looking for the best WordPress themes for 2018, here is my list based on my prior video on the 7 questions to ask of any WordPress theme to know if it is based on outdated or modern ways of building websites.

See the 7 questions: https://www.wpcrafter.com/choose-wordpress-theme/

The 7 Themes:
Astra: https://www.wpcrafter.com/astra
GeneratePress: https://www.wpcrafter.com/generatepress
OceanWP: https://www.wpcrafter.com/oceanwp
Divi: https://www.wpcrafter.com/divi
ListingPro: https://www.wpcrafter.com/listingpro
Elementor Pro: https://www.wpcrafter.com/elementor


41 thoughts on “7 Best WordPress Themes 2018 – The Last One Might Surprise You

  1. Here are four themes which are oldies but still goodies: Headway Themes pioneered multi-layout for any post or page; ditto for Ultimatum Theme. Finally Total and Uncode themes have driven the idea of multi-layout with new features. Total is "loaded down" with ViscualComposer and Slider Revolution.

  2. Hi Adam. I am loving your tutorials. Can you please make a video on MyListing Theme? I am struggling to set up a simple community phone listing directory accessible to members only. Thank you.

  3. Hi. U have amazingly helpful videos! I have a question not related to this video (but dunno how to reach you, so here it goes): I have a wordpress + elementor website. I want to make a page on my website that does not appear on the navigation menu, but can be found through google search (when someone searches for the product which that page promotes). i.e. that page should be indexed by google and should appear as a google search result but not appear on my navigation menu. Is that possible?

  4. What are the best themes for bloggers, that are also page builder friendly? I mean I suppose since wordpress was all bloggers once most themes would do okay.

  5. Another great video. When using Divi and the Divi builder do I not loose my content (as you discussed in your 7 questions video) if I stop using Divi (one or the other or both)? Thanks for the useful information!

  6. Hello Mr Adam
    Great videos, as usual.
    I think of a store or a blog of Amazon affiliates in the niche of perfumes, you believe that the theme MyListing could be adapted.

    Thank you

  7. Hello. I have a question. Is the last "theme" that you cover (Elementor) a theme, a page builder … or both? I just watched your Elementor vs Beaver Builder comparison video and thought Elementor was a page builder that works with "themes" like the first 6 you cover here. Thanks in advance for clarifying.

  8. Are you familiar with Click Funnels? I was wondering if that whole entire platform is a viable alternative to building a website via Word Press for purposes of building and servicing an ecommerce / social media follower driven eco system. Any thoughts on this. Thanks

  9. How do you go about accessing and then downloading / inztalling the OceanWP theme onto your Word Press dashboard? When I type in Ocean WP at the WP plugin search I get things like "Ocean Extra" .. "Ocean Posts Slider" .. "Ocean Demo Import" .. "Ocean Social Sharing" etc. But no OceanWP theme specifically. Thanks if you can answer this.

  10. thank you for this video… ive watched countless of videos from you and others and i was so stuck on paying for these high themes and than using you guys tutorials to help me through it. but im glad i know now, i want to build in word press and will be using astra or elementor or just use them together. you prefer the paid version for astra? i seen on wordpress it was free.

  11. Adam – I see nothing related to photography, do you have any recommendations? I'm using x-theme and I'm finding that it's not really mobile friendly, google reports way to many JS errors when testing the site.

  12. Do you have any advice for a responsive but lean/lite theme. My current WP site has 9mb of content but is >3.5gb. A basic blog theme without all the bells and whistles of e-commerce etc.

  13. 2:00 that's why these themes still add value over purely page builder sites. Demo sites. Although Page Builders doo have page templates, some a really a bit slower code runtime wise.

  14. hello adam. is the elementor theme is seo and adsence friendly? is the theme is lite weight or speedy? i am new, and i am confusing to choose the theme for google adsence and seo friendly. plz help me, and plz tell me for free theme where i can use elementor page builder and it shold be seo and google adsence friendly. thnax

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