If you run a small business, chances are you don’t have thousands to pour into your website. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make it work, and help your business grow because of it. In this video, I’m gonna show you 5 of the best WordPress themes going into 2019, specifically for you small businesses out there. Unlike other lists you might find, I didn’t pick these based on how pretty they are, but rather based on what a real business needs out of a website. Every theme on this list is not only beautiful, but comes pre-packaged with all the elements you need to clarify your message, and increase conversions. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options.

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17 thoughts on “Best WordPress Themes For Small Business: 2019 Edition

  1. The folks at Startup 2 can't spell correctly – they spelled 'receiver' as 'reciever' and 'founder's' as 'founders.' I'm particular about seeing correct spelling on everything I see on the internet so I'm dubious about using this

  2. Thanks for the footage. I've gotten as far as domain and wordpress. Basic themes on there are confusing to me, this looks more user friendly. Driving family crazy here been watching youtube on this subject religiously for 2 weeks straight. Retired but tunnel vision now on "how to's."

  3. I really enjoyed it. It makes great sense to come up with your strategy first. Otherwise you will just be blindly selecting a theme based on visual appeal. I can't select one favorite, because there are so many demos within each premium version that we can't demo or even see.

  4. Thanks this was very helpful. I currently have divi and created a one page website for my nutrition business http://www.fuelyourwildside.com Now I want to add a blog and shop but have trouble since my current website is just one page. I have to restructure the layout and it has been a huge learning curve trying to design other pages in divi. I have searched for some pre made layouts within DIVI and I'm not in love with them. I am looking for more chic and feminine. I tried a divi child theme and ran into some issues. Do you have any suggestions for more themes that are chic, modern, stylish. Most the fashion chic blogs that I find don't have good home pages with call to actions etc. I want to continue to highlight my business, about and services not just the blog. I am open to not doing divi and have been drawn to the white space etc of the https://kloe.select-themes.com/ What are your thoughts on this theme?

  5. HOT TIP: Sign up to Envato Elements and you can get all these themes for one monthly subscription price, plus a stack of stock images and video to use on them. I only needed it for a single project but it works great.

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