Congratulations on starting your Blog!

It’s a great adventure, you will continually learn a lot and the best – it’s FUN!

About Themes

Don’t worry about your theme. I changed mine a few times until it fitted to my needs – that’s the great thing about themes: You can change them later!

Installing a new one is rather easy: Download the zip-file from wherever, then in your WordPress go to Appearance / Themes and there you can upload it, preview it and if it suits you – install.

Status of

I am still re-organizing, structuring and improving this site; sorry about that. But I have so many resources and links available here – so please feel free to surf around and come back from time to time.

Resources for your start

For your Blog: Good starting sites and topics on this site are: UNDER CONSTRUCTION (please check back later, thanks!).

Final thoughts

And one final hint: Think outside the box: Not every chair is for sitting nor do pieces have to be used in tradition-bound ways. Don’t be afraid of using a sturdy, painted straight chair as a table beside a bed or sofa or by itself in a corner to hold a vase of flowers. Be creative and use what you have. Architectural details add interest to the sofa.

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