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Below are timestamps for you to follow in this wordpress commerce tutorial

16:40 Get THE BEST Hosting For WordPress With Siteground

19:52 Web Hosting Dashboard

21:00 Installing WordPress

24:00 General WordPress Settings

26:19 Install #1 BEST WOOCOMMERCE THEME, The Flatsome Theme

31:50 Creating Pages

33:35 Creating A Menu For eCommerce Website

36:50 Designing The eCommerce Website

43:10 Finding Websites With Images, Links Are Below!

59:40 Creating Banner Section For Website

1:10:45 Creating Product

1:11:15 Installing WooCommerce Plugin

1:15:40 Creating A Simple Product

1:25:05 Editing The Product Pages

1:35:00 Customizing Category Page

1:41:30 Creating A Variable Product

1:54:20 Adding Products To Front Page

2:06:30 Adding Widgets To Website

2:12:00 Adding Blocks To Website

2:17:40 Customizing Checkout Page

2:19:00 Customizing The Account Portal

2:25:50 Adding Product Categories

2:28:00 Adding Email Subscribe On Website

2:29:40 Plugins (InstaGram)

2:33:40 Adding InstraGram Feed

2:37:00 Creating Blog Posts

2:42:38 Creating A Footer

2:53:00 Adding Blog To Website

2:54:32 Get A Clean Logo

2:55:00 Creating A Header and Theme Customizer

3:09:30 Changing The Fonts

3:14:35 Adding The Wishlist Feature

3:19:00 Creating The About Us Page

3:22:40 Mobile Optimization

3:25:30 Creating The Contact Page

3:31:15 Testing The Contact Form

3:32:25 General WooCommerce Settings

3:34:20 WooCommerce Taxes Setup

3:38:22 WooCommerce Shipping Setup

3:42:28 Setting Up Payment Methods

3:43:20 Creating A Stripe Account

3:49:00 Customizing Emails

3:53:00 Creating Coupons

3:56:46 My Favorite Beer

SALES TAX FAQ: You can read more about sales tax from the taxer blog here

Origin-based and Destination-based Sales Tax Collection 101

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FREE lives sales notifcations for your store:

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Use the #1 best commerce wordpress theme, the flatsome theme.

In This eCommerce Tutorial, you will learn how to create an ecommerce website with wordpress. By The end of this commerce tutorial, you will have your own online shop running wth wordpress! This is a step by step tutorial on how to make an online store and commerce website!

Its 2018, no more ugly websites! You are going to learn how to create an amazing commerce wordpress website, so watch this video on How To Make An eCommerce Website With WordPress 2018 and you will have an amazing commerce wordpress website running in a few hours!

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16 thoughts on “How To Create An eCommerce Website With WordPress ONLINE STORE! – 2019 NEW!!

  1. Hi Darrel Wilson. I am making website by following this tutorial. Please guide me, that when I add Instagram feed element then it shows Instagram has returned invalid data. Please help.

  2. Good Afternoom! I am trying to edit my checkout page, but I followed your tutorial and didn't succeeded it. I would like to configure its layout. My entire website is "Full Width", and my checkout page too. However , I want the checkout page "focused", as you showed, but It is not working, it is the same look that in the "Full Width" mode. Can you help me? Thank you

  3. Hi Darrel,
    Your tutorials are the best. Your videos engages me to make good websites. For the last some months, I have been trying to make a photography website. But am not getting an idea on it. So, will you make a tutorial on photo selling websites like shutterstock, alamy, pexels etc. in wordpress. It will be very much helpful.

  4. Hi Darren.. I am using site ground as hosting provider and purchased Flatsome. For some reason am having problem importing flatsome studio templates. It keeps loading forever and does not load up the studio templates. Did you encounter the same problem if any. I really appreciate your response on this.

  5. Just bought my siteground hosting through the sponsored link! Thanks Darrel!

    About payment gateways: I wonder why Darrel likes to give the customer a choice between stripe AND paypal? Couldn't you just use stripe because the fees are lower?

  6. thank you so much – that was amazing!!! So proud of my site!! I just have one question. I can't access the admin bar on my site – it just shows My Sites and Reader – no drop down menu or anything. I have googled it and advice is to go to Users/Profile and tick show toolbar when viewing site. other advice is to deactivate and reactivate all plugins. I have done both of these and admin bar still doesn't show anything (House icon, site name, + pages etc). It is driving me crazy. Please help 🙂

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