Learn how to make a WordPress website in 2019: https://youtu.be/a7Ec6wOUb48

Learn from scratch how to create an amazing and professional WordPress website using Elementor and the Phlox Pro theme. In this video I show you step by step how it is done. You wil learn how to install WordPress in a few clicks, create a page using Elementor, import free templates and Phlox Pro templates, how to create blogposts using Gutenberg and Elementor, how to create Portfolio items and how to configure the blogpage and portfolio page. Dozens of people say that they started making websites for a living after watching my video’s.

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This is the website we will make: https://elephlox.com

Here is an overview of what we will cover with timestamps:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:15 Overview of the Tutorial
00:01:40 For who is the tutorial?
00:02:08 4 Goals

Let’s get started
00:02:22 Get a domain and webhosting
00:09:02 Install WordPress
00:10:43 Clean up the WordPress backend
00:11:41 Change the user information
00:12:32 Create a Site Title

Create The Website
00:14:08 Add pages to your website
00:16:39 Create a menu
00:19:40 Introduction to WordPress themes
00:20:28 Get The Phlox Pro Theme
00:26:47 Install The Phlox Theme
00:28:45 Add SSL (https://) to your website
00:30:45 Activate Your Website
00:32:29 Select a Static Page As Homepage
00:33:14 Optimize Your Permalinks for Google
00:33:48 Get the free Elementor Page Builder
00:35:06 Fix the White Screen Problem with Elementor
00:35:49 A Short Introduction To Elementor

Import a Phlox Pro Demo
00:36:41 Import A Complete Website In A Few Clicks
00:42:18 Uninstall A Demo

Customise The Theme
00:42:59 Add an Icon and a Logo
00:43:47 Download The Image I use in the Tutorial
00:45:06 Optimize your Images for Google
00:45:49 Assign the menu to your website
00:46:59 Remove the Page Title Area
00:47:20 Boxed or a Fullwidth website
00:48:10 Add Social Icons To Your Website
00:50:10 Configure the Header
00:52:46 Configure the menu style
00:53:57 Configure the Menu for a Smartphone
00:54:47 Create A Top header bar
00:55:57 Use Custom CSS to change colors
00:57:10 Configure the Typography
00:59:12 Configure the Footer

The Elementor Page Builder
01:01:16 Explenation of the structure of Elementor
01:03:24 Bring back the amazing Elementor Handles
01:04:39 The Navigator Explained
01:05:21 Create a Section with a Call To Action Hero
01:05:42 Configure the Default Colors, Fonts and Color Picker
01:09:23 Configure the background of a section
01:12:10 Get Paid Or Free Stock Images
01:14:52 Import and Optimise an Image within WordPress
01:17:11 Configure the background image of a section
01:20:31 The Shape Divider
01:21:39 Create the content of the section
01:26:09 Add buttons using an inner section
01:31:27 Make your website responsive using Elementor
01:34:53 Create an area with information about your services
01:37:56 Create an Image Gallery
01:41:51 Duplicate area’s
01:43:54 Add a video
01:46:10 The use of padding and margin
01:48:28 Add animations to elements and columns

Import Demo’s
01:56:22 Import a pre made template from Elementor
01:57:16 Adjust the template

Phlox Pro
01:59:09 Introduction to all Phlox Pro Elements for Elementor
02:01:18 Create a background and adjust it using Blend Modes and Filters
02:05:38 Use The Phlox Pro Settings to create an absolute position and add a Parallax Effect Within an Image Element
02:07:16 Configure the Modern Heading Element
02:09:49 Use Custom CSS
02:11:05 Add a text about yourself
02:12:58 Make this section responsive
02:15:13 Create an About Our Team Section
02:22:28 Give a complete section an intro animation
02:24:26 Remove the white bar below a page
02:28:56 Install Contact Form 7

More Templates
02:25:22 Get free templates from ferdykorp.com
02:29:36 Use Elementor Blocks to build pages in minutes
02:33:50 What is Elementor Pro?
02:35:45 Import a template for the contact page
02:38:44 Import a pre made template from Phlox Pro

02:44:20 Select the blogpage as the blogpage
02:44:48 Create a blogpost using Gutenberg Blocks
02:45:08 Go back to the Classic Editor of WordPress
02:53:33 Interesting things in the Gutenberg Editor
02:57:22 Create a blogpost using Elementor
03:04:17 Configure the blogpage and posts with Phlox Pro
03:15:26 Change the date on a post or schedule posts
03:16:51 Configure the Blogpage using Elementor and Phlox Pro
03:26:40 Add Widgets in the Sidebar
03:30:52 Add a Facebook Like Widget

03:33:11 Install the Phlox Portfolio Plugin
03:33:47 Create a Portfolio Item
03:40:02 Export and Import Templates
03:43:19 Create a second Portfolio Item
03:47:43 Configure the Portfolio Page

Wrapping Up
03:53:39 Show the latest blogposts and portfolio items on your homepage
03:53:58 Create a Footer Area with Widgets
03:57:19 Wrapping Up
03:58:32 Thank you


39 thoughts on “How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | Beginners

  1. You are the man Ferdy K! You inspired me to start my new channel to help small business grow by leveraging digital activities. I have learned so much from you, you have been a huge influence in my growth. Thank you and keep up the amazing content!

  2. Im having issues wiht the Phlos Pro theme – more particularily the update. The system is reading I Phlox Pro is disabled due to “Phlox Protheme version 1.8 or higher in order to function property.” My current theme of 5.1.5 need to be updated. Once I try to accomplish this I receive Error message…” The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin installation failed.” Im wondering if anyone else is facing this difficulty? If so, what solutions have been successful, thanks in advance.

  3. Ik krijg de Phlox pro niet geinstalleerd

    Bezig met installeren van plugin vanuit bestand: themeforest-3909293-lotus-flexible-multipurpose-responsive-wp-theme.zip
    Uitpakken van pakket…

    De plugin installeren…

    Het pakket kan niet geïnstalleerd worden. Er zijn geen geldige plugins gevonden.

    Plugin-installatie mislukt.

    Terug naar de plugininstallatie.

  4. You are a great teacher! Your the best! You have helped me and so many others with building their own websites using this awesome tool. I am 57 years old and have built a website many years ago when the Internet was just beginning. At that time there was only a couple of software we were able to use like DreamWeaver and FrontPage from Microsoft. I used Front Page which no longer exists. For the last couple of years I have started a new art business so it was time to start website building again. I decided to build my own website with HostGator as my host and used their built-in low end but easy to do software called website builder unaware of WordPress at the time. That was easy as it is drag and drop but extremely limited. They offer WordPress so I intend to change over to it as soon as I learn how to use it to it's fullest capacity. I am a retired IT guy so it should be a breeze especially since I have a great teacher such as yourself! Thank you Ferdy for sharing this awesome video! Liked and subscribed!

  5. Ferdy Thank you so much for your tutorial. I want to do an on line bible study or blog or magazine using elementor. Do you have any recommendations on a theme or template? thanks Steve

  6. G'day Ferdy. I purchased Phlox Pro and now in my Dashboard on the left
    hand side menu I have over 20 more products/items. Is there a way to
    reduce this by taking out the ones I don't want?

  7. I have learned WordPress tutorial from you. I am the beginners.But quickly understand for you are wordpress tutorial videos.I have inspired for you.Thank you Ferdy for your support.

  8. Does anyone know if Astra Pro and Elementor Pro work well together? Or is Just plain Astra and Elomentor a better option for WordPress?

  9. Hello Ferdy
    Which website builder do you recommend? Divi or Elementor? I create my first WordPress website and watch your tutorials. You have videos for both website builder and I want to choose one of them.

    I do several websites (my shop, for 2 clubs, and for the 2 shops of my wife). So I'll be busy next month.

    In order to be able to make a better decision, I ask you for a recommendation. Or do you have a video for this question?

    Thanks, Ferdy, I'm excited about your videos. They are detailed and at the same time highly efficient. World class !!!

  10. Hi, Fred. really Thanks. This video help me a lot.

    I bought Newspaper 9 after watching your tutorial video and I bought Elementor pro and Phlox too. Because It's easier than Newspaper to make my website with your tutorial, I think.

    I have a question, I love the page template on newspaper 9, Can I use it on Phlox with Elementor pro or Newspaper9 theme is working with Elementor pro. is It possible?

    Actually This is first time to make Website and Homepage. I'm not a web designer. I just want my website for my business. please tell me the easy way. Thank you

  11. Ferdy, It took me a while to grasp some things. Static page is for a web page and active page is for blogs. I am interested in designing a blog. This video is no different from the 2017 one. It is a good video. I used it to design my first blog for monetization. What I need a tutorial on is how to link content of other blogs into my blog. There is no such tutorial on the market. Can you please make a video on that ? Thank you

  12. Ferdy, I need to tell you that I went through hell with PHLOX installation. It is still not installed properly. The whole team of people is working on it. It was flawed and bad. Yes, you've made the same video in 2017 and this is for a static page. I would love to see a video for a dynamic page or a blog. I was totally contemplating suicide when my theme crashed seven times.

  13. Hey Ferdy I'm coming to the party late lol. Just bought Phlox pro using your link. It was a bit more that $29 all in all including tax it was $49. Can I ask you is Phlox pro on a par with Astra Pro? Thank you. You're videos are great really enjoying watching your tutorials.

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