Want to see some of the best wordpress themes for 2018? In this video, ill share you with some of the best wordpress themes that i have found. I went scouring the internet, buying and trying themes, and i really felt that many of these themes deserved a top spot in my top 10 list. Want to check out some of these wordpress themes? You can find them below!

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TOP 10 BEST WORDPRESS THEMES FOR 2018 ( May Change Later)

10. Extra Theme –
(Full tutorial Here –
9. Thrive Architect –
8. Business Lounge Theme –
7. Marketify Theme –
6. Newspaper 8 Theme –
5. Onshine Theme –
4. Bryte Theme –
3. Massive Dynamic Theme –
2. Flatsome Theme – ( Full tutorial here –
1. Divi Theme –
( Full tutorial here –
If you want to try some free themes, you can go to my other video!

Let me know what you think about these wordpress themes, of course, as time goes on, these themes can be either better or worse, but for now, i think these themes are worth your time!

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34 thoughts on “Top 10 Best And Responsive WordPress Themes 2019

  1. Honestly this is the most faster and flexible theme with Fast loading sites & Landing Pages Using a huge Collection of Tools & Templates Without ANY Bloat

    that i use until now and working Good 100% WordPress support recomend me to use after a asking and asking and i ask the support and they solve this issue for me its become a problem for my customers

    and dont forget about the bonus guys they offer u

    Kindness is for free Abigail love to share <3

  2. You had me subscribed the moment you said that visual composer sucked. Seriously I can't stress enough how much I hate visual composer. I had to use it for 2 years and was so happy when I could replace it with Elementor. Anyway: People who tell the truth about stuff: pure value!

  3. I started with Astro and Elementor and it did not seem to be giving me as many options as what I needed on brand new and just trying to build my own website on HostGator WordPress now I change to a theme called hotel resort I have an Airbnb and would like to have my own website I'm having a hard time finding instructions on the hotel resort template any ideas of where I could go to get help

  4. Hey Darrel, awesome video, thanks for all that info! I was wondering if you could help me out here. I need to build three different websites. One for my personal profile (Consultant, Blog, and links to businesses), another one for a Travel and personal development webpage (Blogging/Vlogging and Adsense) and another one for promoting online courses for designers. If I pay for any of these themes, would I be able to use the same theme to build all 3 webpages or would I need to buy it 3 times? Also, which theme would you recommend if I could use it for all 3 purposes? (I´m new to WordPress). Cheers mate, thanks for all your help!

  5. HI Bro, I wonder if Can I buy the flatsome and Dynamic themes, forever, or the license is for a year or how many time, I can enjoy of that? thanks you

  6. lol..but i feel like i'm cheating on my theme..just kidding, but Darrel you really are doing your thing…i keep stumbling upon your vids….sub in motion

  7. Hi, I have a website from the bridge theme but I like the Astra blog… can I import the astra blog instead on the whole theme for my site? Thank you

  8. Darrel I watch your WP videos, pls I need your honest opinion, you mentioned that you have tried at least most of the top premium WP themes on themeforest, so I have three themes on discount only with a few hours left. So my question is this: if you had to choose one or two from these three themes which would be your choice for a theme that's well animated for designs and creatives alike; the three themes are JUPITER, BROOKLYN and THEGEM; Please kindly advice in the order of preference and if possible with a commented reason. Thanks for a prompt response

  9. Could I use a WordPress website to run a page with book reviews with links to the books on amazon and if so can you get a cut of sales from amazon if the sale is from someone who came from my WordPress? Also on the same WordPress could I have a blog/news tab and a forum for my site visitors to discuss the books /news.?

  10. how is the tech support with WordPress? I use Shopify, WiX and Squarespace. Haven't used WP yet..want to learn. I have also heard if you ever want to migrate your content to another web host you are hosed with Word Press. Is this still the case in 2019?? Thanks for feedback all!

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